Who is Makai Home Investments?

How did you get started in real estate?

When I was younger, my dad was in real estate and he started buying properties and renting them. That was my first taste of real estate investing.

From there, I watched him buy more and more of properties , also watching him work harder and harder and Knies is kind of being the person.

I am thinking you know I am thinking myself, but it just seems like he was working really hard and not getting much benefit as I fell T-shirt so I think that was my first casement and then, he wanted to do the same but working differently so that I can read the benefits that I know are there

What do you love most about real estate?

I I love seeing houses that I don’t like that are looking rundown and you know and neglected but I love seeing them you know the natural state where they started. They were a beautiful house at one time and so it’s like yeah I’m just giving him remodeling them and making them pretty again you know it’s always sad when you see a house that was neglected or in the family so Somethings not going in a well and by redoing your house you know better so that’s fun yeah that would be why I like you know when I would watch some of these I think that’s why I got so caught up on that or really ugly house or a really beat up house and they were gay make it pretty and the transformation is just like it’s almost like magic it was wonderful for the community in the neighborhood so SS I’m sorry

You’ve been working with Tareq and team now for about six months. What’s one of the best things you’ve learned so far?

I am on the best thing is is learning how important networking is, and asking a lot of questions and knowing that there’s other people in that in this industry, who are so willing to help I think that’s the Accountant out of his program. I’ve done other webinars and it was kind of information and then you know nothing but this one is there is that role sense of community and everyone working together and some people who didn’t know each other and are in a different Cesar now you know I am working together on projects shaving them and I think that’s it, as thing I’ve learned other than emphasize all of the coaches to come on and they whether it’s flipping or Airbnb or whatever I need that information on called as well but I think the networking community is probably the number one

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