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Our Story

A little more about our why
Why We Do What We Do

Driven By A Lot More Than Just Profits

Husband and wife team, Tom and Yvonne Roberts, grew up in the same neighborhood (literally, two houses apart, in San Diego. Tom has worked in the automotive industry for 35+ years and Yvonne in education as a high school math teacher, turned high school administrator. They understand hard work, integrity, and quality customer service.

Our Goals Are Aligned With Yours

That’s Why It Works

Together they started building their real estate business owning, rehabbing, and managing their own rental properties, always with the idea in the back of their minds to someday turn their hard work and passion into a successful family owned business making a once nice, neighborhood house, new again as well as a strong desire to help others find solutions to problems through real estate. They want to help give the families that work with them, something they can be proud of and hopefully give them peace of mind and, in some cases, an asset that can be in their family for generations.

Nobody Likes A Bad Foundation

We Built Ours on Trust
High Standards

Our company always sets high standards for ourselves. It is our goal to give you the best possible solution for selling your house.

No-Obligation Offer

Every single one of our Offers is risk-free. You are under no obligation to us when you receive our offer. It is completely your choice to accept or decline when we present it to you.

Simple Process

There has never been an easier way to sell your house fast. Our house buying process is simple and easy making it the best option for you.

Why Sell To Us Vs Listing With A Local Real Estate Agent

Selling Your Home To Us

  • We Pay All The Closing Costs!
  • You Pay Absolutely No Commissions!
  • We Pay For All The Repairs!
  • You Never Have To Deal With Showings!
  • We Can Buy In As Little As 7 Days!
  • Close On The Date Of Your Choice!

Listing With An Agent

  • Seller Pays Around 2% of Closing Costs
  • An Average Of 6% Commissions Is Paid To The Agent
  • May Be Stuck With Repairs To Bring House To Livable Conditions
  • Have To Deal With Agents Showing Your House To Different Buyers
  • May Take Up To 90 Days! Close When Your Buyer Is Ready

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